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Shlichut is a Hebrew word that means sending out or commissioning people. It generally refers to an outreach program that is initiated and participated in by organizations and agencies. These missions are based on strong values and ideologies.


The missions use a concrete set of actions over a certain period of time to advance and promote advocacy. Among the advocacy programs are humanitarian missions aimed at feeding the hungry, providing humanitarian assistance to the Jewish community in the Diaspora, promotion of cultural awareness through the arts and other outreach teaching programs.

Before they go on a mission, all Shlichut participants undergo thorough training and a thorough screening process to determine if they are ready for the shlichut. Most of these participants are young, energetic and dynamic professionals who are in their early twenties or early thirties. Most Jewish organizations and agencies have discovered how important and effective young emissaries are in reaching out to fellow Jewish youth in the Diaspora.



Shlichut Teacher Emissary Program

The outreach program has a teacher emissary program, also known as Morin Schlichum, which was created by the World's Zionist Organization. The aim of this program is to build strong Jewish ties between the Jewish people and the emissaries all over the world.


Admissions into the Shlichut Program

To join the emissary program, you have to be a member of the Jewish education sector and demonstrate commitment to the Zionist Mission and vision. The World Zionist Organization searches for those individuals in the Jewish teaching fraternity who demonstrate sound Jewish doctrine and have the desire to promote Zionism among all the Jews in the Diaspora. These individuals must have a very strong belief in the power of Hebrew as a major unifying factor among the Jewish people. Before you are admitted into the Shlichut program, you must meet the rules and regulations.

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