Understanding the new Shlichim
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Jewish people from all around the world are often devoted to supporting their cultural heritage. They may want to take a look at the new Zionist Shlichim (emissaries) programs that have begun emerging recently.  Some Jewish organizations will want to take a look at what is available to them by dispersing this kind of awareness.  Many people will want to hear about the opportunities out there for them when it comes to promoting this cultural legacy.

Basics of the Shlichim

Some people may be curious about what they can do to get involved, the new Shlichim programs  mission is to preserve the relationship of Diaspora Jews and Israelis living in foreign countries with the State of Israel through dialogue preserves the central role of Israel in their lives - whether it is teaching emissaries, emissaries  Zionist activities, Aliyah & community emissaries.
In this manner it can also help foster some more understanding and respect between the Jewish communities of the world. This has been the driving motivation for many people involved in the Shlichim program.

Getting Started Soon

No matter where you come from, you can probably find one of these emissary programs near you. There are some schools that are dedicated to showing what the Israel is all about. They will undoubtedly want to join in on this program. If you are active in your local temple or community center, you may also want to join in on the trend. There are many ways to get your local Jewish friends in on this emissary program as well. Just meet up and decide how you want to contact the local cultural center nearest you.

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