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The Jewish Agency offers most olim assistance towards the cost of travel to Israel.


The Jewish Agency offers most olim assistance towards the cost of travel to Israel according to the following general guidelines:

  • New olim, returning minors or Israeli citizens born abroad can receive assistance towards travel costs in the form of a grant, on condition that they reside in Israel for at least two consecutive years. If one leaves Israel, the balance must be repaid immediately, or turned over to the administration of Bank Idud.
  • Temporary Residents (A/1) can receive travel assistance as a loan to be repaid from the third year in Israel over a 3-year period. If the temporary resident changes status to that of oleh hadash within 2 years, the loan becomes a standing loan subject to the same conditions as stated above.
  • In cases of new olim married to Israelis, assistance is offered to the oleh only, provided that the couple has no children born overseas. If the couple does have children born overseas, assistance is extended to the entire family. However, the Israeli parent is only eligible for airfare along with the rest of the family if he/she has been abroad for at least 2 years.

An oleh who travels to Israel at his own expense is usually not entitled to a reimbursement. Tourists who change status in Israel are also generally not entitled to a reimbursement, exceptunder certain specific conditions and with the permission of the Aliyah Desk for their respective country.

Note that assistance towards travel costs is available only for the first time that the oleh travels to Israel. An oleh who leaves Israel within 3 years, and stays abroad for 6 months or more, may be able to receive assistance provided that he did not obtain it for his first journey, or repaid the balance owed to the Jewish Agency.


Assistance to olim for covering the costs of shipments to Israel or for acquiring goods in Israel, takes the form of a loan repayable from the 2nd year following aliyah, over a 3-year period. Aid towards shipping costs is available within 3 years from the date of aliyah. One who changes status to "oleh" in Israel can obtain assistance within 3 years of entering Israel. A temporary resident (A/1) who changes status to oleh chadash within two years is eligible for the shipping loan under the same conditions.

Olim from the West must arrange for the transfer of their belongings to Israel on their own, through the shipping company of the their choice. The Jewish Agency is not a party to the transaction, however can provide information about shipping companies.

The Jewish Agency offers loans to subsidize shipping costs, following aliyah, through Bank Idud and according to the size of the oleh family and their country of origin.

In order to receive the loan, you must take the following to Bank Idud:

  • A "Summary Process" given to you before making Aliyah by your local Shaliach.
  • Your Teudat Zehut.

If you do not have the "summary process" document from your shaliach or you changed your status here in Israel, go see:

The Jewish Agency Information Center
 Alkalai 9

and they will issue you the appropriate document.


The Jewish Agency warehouse at Tsrifin is now closed.

For more information about assistance consult your local aliyah shaliach.

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