Volume 21
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Author: Eli Eyal (Editor)

Table of Contents


Israel as Jewish National Homeland State and her Neighbor as Palestinian National Homeland State


Eli Eyal

Gilad Shalit: Models of Negotiation for Hostage Release


Abraham (Rami) Friedman

Indentifying the Factor in Israel-Hatred that is Absent from Other Conflicts Worldwide


Avi Beker

The Significance of Jewish Studies Among Christians


Pierre Lenhardt

State of Law or Lawless State?


Yitzhak Tishler

The Struggle Over Collective Memory


Rachel Elior

Moral Concepts of "Tikkun Olam" Replaced by Materialism and Scientific Intelligence, the Free Market, Globalization and Religious Fundamentalism


Eliezer Schweid

The Vatican's Endeavours to Proselytize the Shoah

Sergio I. Minerbi

The Dispute Over Youth Culture in Israel: Jealousy or Nostalgia?


Oded Heilbronner

Response: Young Creation Born Old


Gideon Ofrat

Additional Response: Open Letter on Behalf of the "Alien Generation"


Avner Zamir

Yiddish – Alive-Dead or Dead-Alive?


Yehiel Sheintuch

Between Oaths: A Oath to Preserve Jewish Identity and A Secular Oath to Legal and Political Responsibility / Responsibility for Security


Yitshak Mayer

To Know One's Enemy is to Understand One's Rival


Menachem (Nachik) Navot


Two Responses:

Polemics about the Golan Heights: The Golan Heights not Part of the "Land of our Forefathers"  


Elisha Efrat

Differentiation Between Propriety and Sovereignty


Gideon Biger


Will Netivot Become the "Bnei Braq of the South"?


Eliezer Shmueli

Jacob and Esau –  Tragic Legacy of Entanglement


Bilhah Halperin

Response: Casuistic Acrobatics by the Last of the Canaanite School


Uri Heitner

How the Sudanese Jewish Community was Liquidated


Nachem Ilan

K.M. Panikkar – the Indian Pro-Zionist


Moshe Yagar

Gypsies in Jerusalem


Aharon Yafeh


Literature and Literary Reviews


Poem: To An Anonymous Reader


Eli Netzer

A Secular Option: "Religious Coercion" – Ruth Karton-Blum, Reflections on Psycho-theology in Natan Zach's Poetry

S. Shifra

Ben Gurion and Sharett on Parallel Lines – Yaakov and Rena Sharett, Editors,  A  Statesman  Assessed - Views and Viewpoints about Moshe Sharett

Gabriel Strassman

Novel in Guise of Biography, or Biography in Guise of Novel – Anita Shapira, Life of Brenner (also given as: Brenner:  A Life/ Story of A Life/ A Biography)

Nitza Ben-Dov

Original Sin Against Israel's Periphery – Zvi Zameret, Aviva Halamish, Esther Meir-Glitzenstein (Editors), Development Towns in Israel

Amir Goldstein

The Scandal – and the Long-Forgotten Novel – Ronit Matalon, The Sound of our Steps

Shai Rodin

In Response to: Literary Violence Against Women (Kivunim Hadashim, No. #20)

Erroneous Assumptions and False Conclusions



Yosef Oren

Root Depth and Crown Heights – Ora Armoni, A Friend and Confidant – Conversations with Sini

Avraham (Patsi) Shapira

Within the National Blood Circulation – Dina Porat, When Holocaust Comes from Afar: Leading  Personalities  in the Land of Israel Confront the Nazis and the Shoah, 1933-1948

Aryeh Barnea

A Tendentious Book in Scientific Guise – Yigal Kipnis, The Mountain that Was as a Monster – The Golan Between Syria and Israel

Gideon Biger


Please note:

The above titles have been translated from the original Hebrew, which is the definitive version.

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