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Author: Gary Lifshitz

 Aliyah is one of the main goals of the Zionist movement. Habayta offers assistance with supporting people with their Aliyah process, providing information that is current and trustworthy regarding Israeli life and creating absorption frameworks in Israel that have worked to much success. Habayta's goal is to strengthen the dialogue and connection between Israel and other Jewish communities while maintaining an open, positive dialogue about Aliyah as part of Making Aliyah 2013.


Making Aliyah 2013

Making Aliyah 2013 is one of Habayta's main goals. Including its seminars, Habayta works in many ways to achieve this. Speakers are brought in to speak about Aliyah and Israel topics as well as stories about Aliyah with many engaging activities for its attendees to enjoy. These seminars are organized throughout the world.



Aliyah Activities Sponsored By Habayta

Habayta sponsors and organizes Aliyah Pilot Trips as a way for participants to get acquainted with Aliyah. Those who participate gain more insight into the challenges of Aliyah and the way society and culture function in Israel. Students and others interested in this program should contact Habayta for more information.
Aliyah is also respected by working a job that Habayta arranges for you. The concept of making a living is emphasized greatly in Aliyah. Habayta helps those to fulfill this respect by interacting with top Israeli companies to procure Olim, a job in many different jobs and areas of work.
Habayta also offers special absorption programs in the Negev and Galil for both individual parties as well as groups. Career advisors, community support, real estate consulting services and more are all wonderful advantages of participating in this program.
Habayta marks the Shabbat Lech Lecha with events for the Jewish community both in Europe and America. This series is focusing on the link between Jews and the land of Israel, to which Abraham Avinu made Aliyah, the first Jew ever to do so. This and more is all part of Making Aliyah 2013.




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