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Aliyah & Israel Programmes event of the year – "Israel: Get Connected" – 17/1/2016

The World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, & MASA host "Israel: Get Connected"


LONDON – some 400 people interested in making Aliyah, returning to Israel, or participating in a short or long term MASA programme, attended Israel: Get Connected this weekend. The event offered a wide range of experts from Israel, and information, all under one roof, about: making Aliyah, career advice, higher education, MASA programmes, and much more.


This event was the first of it's kind, with the partner organizations putting their efforts together for a "one stop shop" for all those interested in Israel and it's different opportunities. Bringing together experts from the different government agencies (national insurance, ministry of Aliyah and immigrant absorption, student authority), representatives from different MASA programmes (gap years and internships), and offering career and higher education advice. The day also included 3 panels – Aliyah, returning to Israel, and MASA –which offered guests everything they needed to know.


Hebrew classes around the world 

We know that the Hebrew language is a key factor in encouraging Aliyah that removes barriers among Aliyah candidates and is a factor that creates and strengthens Jewish and Zionist identity. The World Zionist Organization has started a grea Hebrew Learning project to study Hebrew before Aliyah. Classes opened already in Argentina and France, and will open soon in England and throughout the US.



 Delegation of Aliyah experts including distinguished journalist Ilana Dayan visit South America, 2015


During the months of June and July 2015 the World Zionist Organization in cooperation with the Jewish Agency sent a team of Aliyah experts to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. The team consisted of experts in the area of Employment and university titles, immigration and higher education. Among them were Melanie Rubin, an Israeli nowadays who made Aliyah from Argentina. She came to tell about her personal Aliyah challenges. Along with her was Ezequiel Strajm, a volunteer in the Student Authority who also came to tell his story of Aliyah and integration in the country.


Ilana Dayan, top Israeli journalist who was born in Argentina joined the delegation as a special speaker. Her lectures were greatly attended. She described Israel and the life in it in realistic terms and also told her personal Aliyah story.


Pilot Trip from Boulogne, France May 2015


A group of 25 French Jews came to Israel on a tailored preparation program for Aliyah during May. They visited Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Modiin as options for settling. They met other French Olim and also had insightful professional meetings.


 Pilot Trip from Boulogne, France, January 2015


During the month of January we conducted a very successful pilot trip for 40 French Jews from the Paris suburb of Boulogne. The group consisted of doctors, businessmen, company owners and high ranking empoyees. Each group met with consultants and officials according to their occupation and the whole group visited various cities, met with Boulogne families who made Aliyah already, visited schools and learned about the education system in Israel, met lawyers, psychologists and even the IDF spokesman in the French language. They gained a lot of insight into Israel's every day life!



 Shabbaton in Migdal HaEmeq, December 26-27, 2014


The World Zionist Organization together with the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galil and the Migdal HaEmeq Municipality joined forces to bring Olim to Migdal HaEmeq. We a wonderful Shabbaton in Migdal haEmeq for 30 interested families. The main issues discussed were: Education, Housing, Employment and the social scene in the city.

It was a wonderful Shabbat and half of the families are interested in moving up north Summer 2015!


CNEF Event for young francophones, November 2014

The CNEF is the association for aliyah and the integration of youth in Israel. The team helps young people develop their aliyah projects, answers their questions and their uncertainties and guides their first steps in Israel;  for a successful aliyah.

The CNEF provides professional advice and free information in several areas as well as conducts activities throughout the year; full Sabbaths, lectures, cultural evenings, excursions.

As every year for 11 years, the CNEF celebrated this Monday, November 24th, the academic year in a great Kenes, with its partners; the Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption, the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization.
This is done to welcome young people in Israel and bring them together in a moving and festive event to support, guide, encourage and especially to celebrate with them their arrival in Israel!

This year, more than 700 young people from across the country attended (new Olim, tourists, students, soldiers , bnot sherut Leumi, participants in Massa programs).


 Idud Aliyah Delegation to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, November 2014


During the month of November a delegation of Aliyah experts was sent to South America. The purpose of the expedition was to present the opportunities of life in Israel in various aspects such as society and culture, employment, learning, education, and community life. The team was made up of experts  in different fields such as Education, Business, Employment, Aliyah and benefits, and also Olim from those countries presenting their successful personal Aliyah stories.

The visit was very successful. Altogether more than 2,500 people attended the events.


Project Shabbat Lech Lecha 5775 is underway


 David Harris in London, July 2014


David is a highly experienced journalist who has reported from countries in the Middle East and Africa.

He visited various audiences in London including Redbridge Community, HGSS, he gave a speect at the Rally for Israel next to the Israeli Embassy in London and to the future leader of Young ZF. He stressed the importance of making Aliyah while defending Israel's right to exist.


 Aliyah Activities in Argentina, June 2014


Andy Faur, senior Jewish Educator, visited Argentina in June 2014. He participated in the Maccabi Seminar held there during the weekend of June 7-9 and also gave lectures about Aliyah, Israeli and Jewish culture and Israel as a start up Nation in Jewish centers around Buenos Aires.


 Yom Yerushalayim London


Yom Yerushalayim was commemorated in London in a series of inspiring and uplifting events of celebration and song throughout the city, with the presence of the IDF Choir, Chief Chazan Shai Abramson, IDF Chief Rabbi Rafael Perets, UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, World Zionist Organization's Chairman Mr. Abraham Duvdevani, Israeli Embassador Mr. Daniel Taub and many other special and distingushed guests from the Community.

The band sang and played at South Hampstead, Hendon, Kinloss, HGSS and Yavneh College.



 Limmud Conference in France, Feb. 28th-March 2nd, 2014


The Limmud Conference was held for the ninth time in France - in COUDRAY-MONTCEAU about 50 km from Paris attracting 600 participants 

This is the first time the World Zionist Organization participated, bringing Dr. Dov Maimon (consultant of the Inter - Ministerial French Aliyah department) espcially for this occasion and Mr. Simcha Felber, the WZO representative in France.

Representatives of the World Zionist Organization gave lectures and conducted discussions on Aliyah and Zionism. The WZO's presence was prominent and striking and we were asked to come back next year.


In the picture: Dr. Dov Maimon and Israel Embassador to France, Mr. Yossi Gal


 Ari Soffer, Managing Editor of "Arutz Sheva" News visited the UK in February 2014.


Ari Soffer came to the UK and met with groups in the "Ner Yisrael" community, met students at Birmingham and Bnei Akiva families in Manchester. He gave fascinating insights into the Israeli Media as well as his own personal Aliyah journey from the UK to Israel

_BRL6269    Lighting the candle of Aliyah and Fulfillment - Channuka 2013

This year, the WZO's Aliyah Promotion unit collaborated with the leadership of the Zionist   Tnuot Noar to organize a big event at Mt. Herzl whereby the chanichim received lectures and  workshops on Zionist leadership and later enjoyed a performance given by the IDF band and Sufganiot.

This happened to be the opening shot for a joint annual program between the World Zionist Organization and the Zionist Movements.

We at the World Zionist Organization see a great importance investing in the young people who will become tomorrow's Zionist leaders .
Graduates from the different Zionist movements who made Aliyah in recent years came  from all over the world were invited to Mt. Herzl to light a candle .
We were also honored with the presence of Ms. Sofa Landver -  the Minister of Immigration and Absorption, and Mr. Abraham Duvdevani - Chairman of the World Zionist Organization.
The event was organized by "Habayta" the Aliyah Promotion Unit of the World Zionist Organization , in collaboration with the leadership of the Zionist movements, Mount Herzl's professional staff and the Department of the WZO's Activities in the Diaspora .




Tachles – to the Point!

Hebrew has always brought Jewish people together, and is a main component of Jewish identity and culture.

Liron Rosiner-Reshef, Director of Habayta - WZO’s Aliyah Promotion Unit and Nir Cohen, WZO’s Shalich have compiled interactive conversational Hebrew classes in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The course is designed mainly for students and young professionals.

Tachles offers classes on the following subjects: How to introduce yourself, getting directions, small talk, how to order in a restaurant, shopping and more.

" We do not teach Hebrew in the traditional Ulpan setting. Instead, we give participants an instant vocabulary and allow them to interact with one another. Tachles is suitable for participants with and without prior knowledge of Hebrew".  


Read more


Media Expert David Harris visits London


David Harris is the Director of Research and Content at the Israel Project who travelled to London on the week of July 18th  to speak about the current situation in Israel and to explain how to help promote the true image of Israel.


David gave up a dream job in the BBC's training unit and followed his heart and made Aliyah. He has become a media expert and a successful journalist in Israel.








Aliyah pilot trip

This trip is intended for peoplewho are considering making Aliyah. Its main goal is to give them a first glance of how real life in Israel will look like.
As part of this the trip to Israel the group meets Olim from their country of origin, potential employers, and they also visit different villages and cities which support Olim.

We in Habayta want to show young people the amazing work, life and studying opportunities in Israel and help them in their Aliyah process.

For further reading











Shavua Israel in Mexico City  - Nov. 2012 


 Israel Week was organized by the WZO and the Jewish Agency in collaboration with many more factors.  The main goal was to showcase a multi-dimensional Israel, emphasizing its technology, culture, music, academy, agriculture and ecology and economics.


Some of the main events:

  • Lectures & seminars about "Israe's challenges today"
  • Workshops on Jewish identity by Hanoch Piven - Israeli artist
  • screening of the Israeli movie "Walking on water"
  • Rikudei Am - Israeli folk dance
  • Literature Symposium
  • Israel fair on Aliyah and Absorption
  • Live concert given by Rami Kleinstein

Aliyah Expo in London, Nov. 2012


At the expo we addressed one of Olim's main concerns - that is, finding a job in Israel. Representatives from major Israeli head-hunter and human resources companies and from the Israeli Business Center and top business consultants came to London to give advise on different issues related to finding a job in Israel.

The Expo was organized in joint collaboration with the Jewish Agency and the Zionist Federation.






Speech given by Noah Shani, Minister of Trade and Economic Affairs in London

UK – July 2012 – Noah Shani, Minister of Trade and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of Israel in London, speaks about the development and promotion of trade and economic activities between Israel and the UK. His responsibilities include the development and promotion of trade and economic activities between the UK, Ireland and Israel.  Noah has held a number of Senior positions within Israel's Ministry of Industry,  Trade and Labour, including Head of Economic Planning and Senior Assistant to the Minister. Noah has also served in the Embassy of Israel in Tokyo as Minister for Economic Affairs. With a BA in Economics and Political Science and a Masters in Political Science, Noah is married and father of three.








  UK – August 2012  -  Trevor Asserson, CEO Asserson Law Officesspeaks about his life as a lawyer in Israel. Trevor Asserson is a UK solicitor an member of the Israeli bar. Trevor is the Senior Partner and founder of Asserson Law Offices. He was very well known in the UK after compiling 2 reports about the BBC's bias against Israel.  Trevor made Aliyah with his family in 2005, which is when he established his company in Israel.


ISRAELIS ARE NOT RUDE ANYMORE.....................read more


Trevor Asserson's Aliyah story is now online at www.jewishonlinemagazine.com






LJY (Liberal Jewish Youth) - SOS

LJY-Netzer’s brand new SOS (Summer Options Scheme) internship programme in Israel started on July the 8th and runs until August 3rd.
Ten English students from the UK between the ages of 18-25 participated this summer.
The participants had the opportunity to work in five different Israeli charities for a month, contributing positively to Israel, whilst picking up valuable work skills and meeting head on some of the challenges within the country.
The organisations that the participants worked for focus on many different issues, such as human rights, world poverty and minority rights in Israel.
This programme is a serious engagement with the Zionist Ideology and it gives youngsters the opportunity to spend time in Israel, contribute to Israeli society as well as continue in planning the Aliyah process.



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